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Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp

*Typical lead time for Q10(11×40mm) after artwork is complete.

Xstamper QuiX Pre-Inked Stamp Making System combines quality and speed.
With this breakthrough in the rubber stamp industry, go from the design phase to stamping in a matter of minutes!

Production process of Xstamper Quix

Assembly process of Xstamper QuiX

Power A Type: AC100~125V(50/60Hz) / C Type: AC100V~240V(50/60Hz)
Measurement 222(W) x 384(D) x 228(H)mm
Weight(Volume) 7kg Interface USB2.0(Hi-Speed), Ethernet
OS Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Resolution 600dpi
Applicable Standards UL, CE, FCC, Class A, RoHS Printable Space 53x100mm
Cartridge Measurement 104(W) x 142.5(D) x 10(H)mm
AC Adapter Spec Rated Input: AC100-240V(50/60Hz), 2A / Rated Output: DC24V, 2.7A, MAX65W
AC Cord A Type: Length 1.2m 125v/7A / C Type: Length 2.0m 250v/2.5A
Consumables or Durables(Parts) Print Head, Print Head Protecting Ribbon, Fan Filter

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QuiX Studio

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